The 4 Aspects of Good Design

There are many factors, but we can wrap the main ones under 4 umbrellas. These are what I would consider the main elements of a good blog design to be.

  1. Achieve Site Goals – What is your purpose for having the blog? What do you want visitors to do?
  2. Achieve  User Goals – What is your user’s purpose on the site? What do they want to do? Your blog’s design should promote usability, and help make the user’s experience as enjoyable as possible.
  3. Branding and Remembrance – What impression does the site leave? Will it be remembered at all? Design is not important solely when the visitor is on the site, but also when they have left it.
  4. Distinction and the Fist Impression – Does your design separate you from the rest of your niche? When a visitor first loads it, what does it say about your site? Does it make them want to read on?

These 4 points have been analyzed as part of a series (links above), with a more in-depth explanation, and suggestions as to how your design can accomplish each goal.